I have always been drawn to 19th century English pottery and use it as an inspiration for my work. I specifically enjoy the playful, ornamental aspects of Victorian Majolica and the decorative sprigged surfaces of salt-fired stoneware and porcelain wares. I find the classically inspired designs partnered with shapes derived from natural forms, and enriched with striking jewel toned glazes oddly charming, humorous, and unpretentious. Other important influences come from my interest in majolica tiles and ornamental architectural majolica of the 1870's. In my practice I attempt to understand and interpret these influences in an effort to create a body of work relevant in our contemporary world, while fulfilling my personal creative impulses. The work is primarily hand built with elements thrown on the potter's wheel. The surface patterns are created when I incise hand-made plaster tablets with images and designs which when transferred to the clay surface produce a raised-line relief. In addition to this integrated decorative treatment I sprig and scraffito images onto the clay surface. Vessels for flower arranging, tea sets and condiment services are a few examples of the domestic forms that I explore.
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